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Monday, January 01, 2007

MTG CCG APAC Lands Complete Set of 15 lands SEALED !!

A few years ago (1997 !!!), WOTC gave away promotional basic lands to people in the Asia-Pacific region as a promotion for buying Tempest. There were fifteen such lands, each depicting a scene from various countries in the region in an attempt to connect players from that part of the world to the Magic universe.

The lands were grouped in 3 packs of five (Red, Blue, Clear). These, are some of the most sought-after lands in the game!!!

APAC 1 consists of:
The Plains represents Japan, the Island depicts Hong Kong, the Swamp is New Zealand, the Mountain shows the Philippines, and the Forest is also Japan.

APAC 2 consists of:
The Plains represents Australia, the Island depicts Japan, the Swamp is also of Japan, the Mountain shows Taiwan, and the Forest is from China.

APAC 3 consists of:
The Plains shows the Great Wall of China, the Island depicts Singapore, the Swamp is Indonesia, the Mountain is Fujiyama in Japan, and the Forest is from Korea.

(You can find this on Arcana - Wednesday, November 20, 2002 )




Set consists of:
- 3x Island - Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong
- 3x Mountain - Japan (Snowy Mountain), Taiwan, Phillipines (Rice fields Terraces)
- 3x Plains - Australia (Plateau with Kangaroo), China (The Great Wall!!), Japan (Sunflowers)
- 3x Swamp - New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan
- 3x Forest - Japan, China, Korea

All different artwork and each picture represents a location in Asia-Pacific region. Cool!

Can you identify them??

About 6 sets have been SOLD. Get yours while stocks LAST!

Prices are negotiable! Though 49.99 USD will get you one set definitely! Though do counter post your offers!

(Previous bids are below, note some have been sold offline. Do ask if product still available.)

Notes to buying this product:

  • Once we decide on a price, you can pay through paypal, or I can put this on ebay as a "buy it now".

  • For buying through "buy it now" I will add 3 USD to the sale price, i.e. it will be listed as 52.99 USD if the sale price is 49.99

  • Alternatively I can send you an invoice through paypal! Just drop me the email you use for your paypal so I can invoice it to you =)

  • Beyond that, everything is as per normal.

Shipping is 5 USD anywhere
(note that for this product shipping is actually about 6 USD, i.e. I am absorbing some of the cost)

Product will be bubble packed with toploaders. I do not squeeze stuff into the top loaders, so you can be assured of that. Also mailing is done via registered!! post, to protect both you and me =)


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